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Tyre Profiler

Tyre tread measurement


Profiler is an important equipment for the reception bay, to improve the process and save time.

Tyre tread on all wheels is measured very fast: before the driver exits the vehicle, all results are available. No need for compressed air. No need for internet connection. Suitable for installation indoor or outdoor (roof covered).

Tread depth is measured as the vehicle passes over the Profiler at a max. speed of 8 km/h (5 mph). Measuring system: Stereo cameras plus laser blade. Measurement results are available within seconds. Designed with no moving parts to withstanding workshop environment. For axle loads up to 4 tons.

TEST RESULT Graphic representation of tyre wear. Indication of maximum and minimum tread depth.

ZOOM FUNCTION It allows to select each tyre for a more detailed analysis.

SP WS 101 Workshop PC on trolley with direct access to customer data and measurement values. The software runs on any Windows­ based system.

SP WS 102 Profiler kit to be connected to the workshop’s system. Includes one electrical box complete with PC to be connected to the existing workshop PC.

SP WS 103 Upgrade kit for wheel alignment or test lane.

VEHICLE DIAGNOSIS Uneven tyre tread wear indicates the need for wheel alignment adjustment and suspension analysis.

Technical data and composition presented in this catalogue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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