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SSEJP ENGINEERING AND CONSULTS-SMC LTD is a Ugandan Engineering Company that provides a wide range of Engineering Services, Specializing in Garage equipment supply, Garage equipment setup, installations, and Maintenance, car lifts, We also specialize in project management, and maintenance practices for Road and Water Ambulances (Conversion for both brand new, and maintenance for older ones, all types i.e. Type A, B, and C), Electro-Mechanical Automobile, water vessel technologies (Including Water/Boat Ambulance technologies), set up, launching and installation, Heavy/Farm machinery aspects.

SSEJP E&C is an agent for Space s.r.l - Italy. who are the Manufacturers of state-of-the-art Italian technology garage equipment, and we also carry out maintenance for all our installed systems?

We are able to handle all works AS FAR AS garage equipment supply, maintenance for SPACE, RAVAGLIOLO, BOSCH, and other German and Italian garage equipment of all kinds, ranging from hoists/lifting tackle, wheel alignment equipment, jacks of all kinds, special tool handling equipment, AC recovery machines, body shop and spray/paint equipment, spray booth set up and repairs, garage set up, planning, and consults on the same, electro-mechanical repairs on both tri-phased and mono-phased equipment. etc.

We also handle Ambulance conversions to satisfaction, encompassing our Engineers, paramedics, EMTs, and technicians' vast Knowledge in the same field.

SSEJP ENGINEERING & CONSULTS - SMC LTD, has a very well-organized and qualified team of Engineers, of which, 3 are legally registered in Uganda and thus can be well trusted for technical handlings.

We offer the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients, SSEJP ENGINEERING & CONSULTS - SMC LTD offers a wide range of consulting services for;

•    Professional Engineering Works, 
•    Installations for modernized/Computerized garage equipment, 
•    Installations for Vehicle and Cycle test lanes to conform with roadworthiness tests,
•    Ambulance conversion services for Type A, Type B (BLS Ambulances) and Type C (ICU Ambulances).
•    Marine works especially for Water/Boat Ambulance aspects, supply installation, repair and maintenance. 
•    Designing and planning workshop layouts, 
•    Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical, 
•    Hydraulics,
•    Electrical Industrial Installations, 
•    All Electro-Mechanical Machine aspects,
•    Equipping of Engineering and Vocational learning centers, 

Want to experience the expertise of SSEJP ENGINEERING & CONSULTS - SMC LTD for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Contact: +256779210953 / +256705222113
Whatsapp: +256779210953

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