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Built-in handle with plastic protection. Built-in rubber protection.

Rapid pivoting coupling system to the lift to prevent damage in the case of obstacles in descent.

Battery with quick release system. 8-hour battery lifetime to permit extended full day work.

One only head position to measure different wheel base vehicles.

Set of 4 self-centering 3-point clamps, without compensation, to achieve quick and precise measurement.

Equipped with a rapid movement system and ABS claws; no metal-metal contact. The 3D targets installed on the clamps are extremely lightweight, are maintenance-free and have no electronic components.

All angles of the vehicle are measured in only a few seconds without any operator intervention.

Models ARD32HPR.3 ARD32HP.3 The ARD32 series is the second generation of Space 3D wheel aligners. Its innovative system of totally wireless 3D cameras with Bluetooth transmission can be used on different types of lifts thanks to its automatic flatness compensation. Its compact size also makes it suitable for those workshops having limited space. System with measuring heads directly connected to the lift, in this way eliminating the space occupied by the tower in front of the lift.

Bluetooth communication between the measuring heads and console. Compact and extremely lightweight measuring heads. 5MP resolution for measurement and compensation of the lifting platform level, also on an irregular surface.

Every measuring head has an LCD display for the basic information and five keys for remote software navigation; remote control function. LED repeaters that permit recording without having to view the monitor.

Technical data and composition presented in this catalogue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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