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Features Test and diagnosis system for cars and light commercial vehicles sets today’s standards for vehicle testing. Developed to grant modularity and user-friendliness, it incorporates latest-generation equipment in conformity with applicable safety regulations for the periodical testing of motor-vehicles.

Computerized control unit The control unit represents the heart of the system. All the working units are linked to it.

Suspension tester (APF 1100000) The APF 1100000 vibration suspension tester is intended for determining the degree of motor-vehicle suspension efficiency by measuring grip using the EUSAMA method. This is based on an analysis of the force pattern transmitted by the tyre to the test plate during the vibration test, giving a value 100 to the static weight and measuring the force change percentage during the vibration cycle, with the suspension acting as a damper. The grip measurement reading indicates the capacity of the suspension to maintain wheel-road surface contact in the most critical conditions. Besides the grip reading of the single wheels, it is also important to determine the percentage difference between the grips of the wheels of the same axle in order to discover any anomalous conditions that could cause hazardous driving situations. These units are suitable for testing:

  • Weight of the single wheels and axle

  • Percentage grip of single wheels

  • Grip percentage difference on the wheels of a single axle

  • System resonance frequency (corresponding to situation of minimum force transmitted to ground)

Thanks to the modular structure of the software, further options include:

  • The control of links to other components like, for instance, opacimeters, exhaust fume analyzers, headlight testers, for linking outputs to videos and graphics

  • The control of network links to other computers (e.g., mainline computers, links with Vehicle Inspectorates, …)

  • Data Bank management, for constantly monitoring the vehicle/client situation, following its development over time and thus providing clients with a personalized diagnosis

  • The software also features a starting auto test function with indication of any faults found and constant monitoring of all system functions

Side slip tester (APF 1500000) This unit consists of a measurement plate and a relaxation plate and ensures quick control of wheel alignment to determine any need for a more precise checkup on electronic wheel alignment equipment. This drive-over test determines the side slip of the wheel, by which is meant the side movement compared to an ideal straight course over a distance of 1 km. The purpose of the relaxation plate is to release any side forces already acting on the wheels, thereby ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of results.

Roller brake tester

PERFECT GRIP The large-size rollers with innovative silica-granule added resin coating ensure perfect grip in all test conditions and safeguard tyre wear. 4WD + ABS The low test speed and the contra-rotation option with adequate slip control make the unit suitable for vehicles with ABS braking system and permanent 4-wheel drive. These units are suitable for testing:

  • Single wheel drag

  • Brake ovality (out-of-roundness) on single wheels and percentage difference

  • Maximum brake force on single wheel, on axle and total

  • Maximum percentage imbalance of brake force

  • Total percentage efficiency of braking system

  • Percentage efficiency of handbrake

  • Braking capacity split between front and rear axle

  • Axle weight (P version only)

  • Pedal pressure device (optional)

Technical data and composition presented in this catalogue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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