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APV700 Speedtester

APV700 Speedtester



Truck and car speed tester. The tester has the function of measuring the actual speed of the vehicle and compare the value shown by the speedometer and the actual value. The speed tester chassis consists on:

  • a metal frame that supports 4 rollers

  • a lifting device for vehicle exit

  • a pneumatic system that activates the lifting device.

The two pair of rollers are rigidly attached to the special transmission shaft in order to ensure equal speed of both wheels tested in the same axle. The rollers are in neutral position, they do not have braking or inertial load counteracting the axle force of the tested vehicle. The rollers are rectified and balanced to ensure regularity of the test in absence of vibrations.


Press the START/F4 key on the remote control to begin the test. Start the test by gradually increasing the speed until the speed shown on the odometer reaches the first value, compare the value on the display. Press ENTER/F3 to store the value. The operator can store up to 10 trials.


At the end of the test the program displays a summary page including: - Speed reference - Speed measured with colored indication: RED for values out of tolerance GREEN for values within tolerance - Difference in percentage


The graph shows the difference between the measured speeds (red graph) compared to the reference speeds (blue graph). The lines represented in green color are the allowable tolerances.

Technical data and composition presented in this catalogue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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