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SDI Truck Series

SDI Truck Series


Features DOUBLE SAFETY The outer cylinder serves exclusively for lifting and lowering. The inner lying, second cylinder cares exclusively for safety. Both cylinders are hermetically separated from one another by two independent hydraulic circuits. Furthermore, the integrated construction of the safety device has the enormous advantage of being completely protected against dirt and corrosion.

Models SDI 2150.4 With 4 posts and 2 hand-held control panels it is also possible to lift 2 vehicles separately. Due to synchronization control as standard, the full capacity of supply can be seen clearly when truck and trailer are lifted together.

SDI 2150.3 In addition to the application possibilities which the 2-post lifts already offer, the 3-post execution is necessary for semi-trailers and articulated busses.

SDI 2150.2 The 2-post execution is the ideal choice for lifting trucks and busses.

Technical data and composition presented in this catalogue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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