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SDC = CHAIN TRANSMISSION SDC 2306 - 3200 kg Lift with base for easier installation on low quality floors.Min. pad height of 95mm. Two stage short arms. High resistance chain transmission. Pre-tensioned chain with safety device.

SDC 2306K - 3200 kg SDC 2306LC3K - 3200 kg - Large Three stage short arms, recommended for off-road vehicles.

SDB = SHAFT TRANSMISSION SDB 2306E - 3200 kg SDB 2306LEK - 3200 kg - Large Three stage short arms provide asymmetric lifting of off - road and large vehicles.

SDB 2306LER - 3200 kg Extra low profile arms, with a min. height of 80 mm only.

SDB 2244ELIKA - 4000 kg - 2 Motors Model equipped with two long 3-stage arms and two long 4-stage arms: ideal to lift long wheel base vans and easy lifting of cars.

SDB Exclusive lift with self supporting base-installation is possible on floor with poor surface anchorage. Shaft transmission between posts through oil filled conic gear boxes requiring no maintenance. SDB = SHAFT TRANSMISSION + SPACE SAVER SDB 2327H2 - 3200 kg 2 stage short arms.

EXCLUSIVE SPACE SAVER DESIGN Shaft transmission between posts.

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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