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Tyre service equipment

Tyre service equipment



GR80WS - 80 kg - WIRELESS GR80WS is suitable for mounting and also transporting wheels. Maintenance-free lifting spindle. Drive is by a powerful electric motor with integrated safety brakes. The double battery allows up to 100 lifting movements. The universal-charger (included) allows quick recharging. Pick-up fork with five support rollers. Four rollers and two parking brakes ensure a safe stand.

GAR325 - 80 kg Wheel lift, standard version. GAR324 - 80 kg - NO GRAVITY Wheel lift with automatic compensation of wheel weight.

TYRE TEST TANK G16 Test tank for inner tubes or tubeless tyres up to 680 mm diameter and 260 mm width. Air operated: equipped with control to lift and lower the tyre-support basket. Cataphoresis and enamel paint. Air pressure 6-8 bars.

Technical data and composition presented in this catalogue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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