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SM 2100 - 2200 - 2300 - 2400 - 2600

SM 2100 - 2200 - 2300 - 2400 - 2600



  • 5 MODELS with capacities ranging from 3 to 10 tonnes per column

  • 2 VERSIONS: indoor and outdoor installation

  • 3 CONFIGURATIONS: 4, 6 or 8 columns

  • Large and solid base for maximum stability under load

  • Lifting spindles in rolled steel with bronze main and safety nuts


SM 2100-2200-2300

Screws are automatically lubricated by felt pads supplied by a permanent oil reservoir which guarantees lubrication during movement. A series of runners (10 per carriage), manufactured in Ertalon, with low friction coefficient and excellent resistance to wear, guarantee a balanced lifting of the vehicle in any position.

SM 2400-2600

Columns in boxed sheet steel with sliding profiles of rollers in high resistance steel. Steel rollers for carriage movement fitted on self-lubrificating bearings requiring no maintenance. Direct drive to the spindle by means of a self-braking motor-gear unit.

SM 2120N / 4 x 3000 kg SM 2220N / 4 x 4000 kg SM 2320N / 4 x 5500 kg

Simultaneous operation of all columns. Electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns. Safety stop in case of malfunction. Electronic device checks the correct main supply phase sequence. Low voltage controls (24 V) on the main column with dead-man push buttons.

Technical Data

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