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Workstation Bridge Cranes

Workstation Bridge Cranes, designed for heavy manufacturing and production environments that require 1/4-ton to 3-ton lifting capacity. Free-standing cranes are designed to suspend

hoists, power tools, air balancers, and welding guns. Cranes can be single girder or monorail style to accommodate a variety of manufacturing facilities. Telescoping and overhanging crane options, as well as specialty beam sizes, are available. End trucks can be either articulating or rigid with air and electric options available. Complete crane systems are also available and include the runway, bridge, end trucks, end stops, hangers & safety cables, festooning, steel supports, and anchor bolts. Cranes are manufactured with aluminum or steel and offer bridge spans up to 40 feet providing a variety of products to suit any assembly line or production environment.


  • Enclosed track. You can erect the workstation bridge crane anywhere on the facility floor. It provides for easy movement of the heavy load along the moving surface.

  • Ease of movement. This kind of assembly allows for the more effortless movement of bridges and trolleys, and there is no debris buildup along the track. The consistent, easy movement ensures the longevity of trolley wheels, which means less maintenance, fewer possible repairs, and less downtime.

  • Superior load positioning. When the bridge moves along the enclosed track, there is no unexpected shifting, such as swaying, shimmying, or crab walking. The load is transported efficiently from point to point because every part of the frame is assembled to ensure superior load distribution.

  • Flexible precision. With a sturdy design, workers can count on the precise location of the load as they perform their tasks. As your product requirements change, the workstation can be moved to accommodate your workers’ needs on the assembly line.

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