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Features Tyre changer equipped with an innovative leverless tool (patented) that allows to work quickly and effortlessly even on new-concept and ultra-low profile tires, RUN-FLAT. The center post locking with floating plate (patented), suitable also for reverse rims, offers a self-locking mechanism that reduces the effort of the operator. The wheel rotation can be controlled as desired by the operator through an inverter motor with speed limiter to protect the tyre from excessive forces (0 - 15 rpm).

The operator’s learning process is simplified thanks to the use of a user-friendly console to operate rollers and tools.

The buttons on the back allow not to move the look of the operator from the tyre.

Double roller bread breakers Double roller bead breaker pushing system. The tyre bead is broken quickly and safely by two opposed and synchronized disks.

Cable Free Disk indent system for correct and safe bead breaking without damaging the tyre side wall and the pressure sensor.

Upper mounting head of non-scratching material for damage-free work on the rims near the edge (zero stress effect).

Assistend and synchronized arms Servo-assisted horizontal arms adjustment. The positioning of the three arms is synchronized with lube free roller chain system.

GA590.30IT Patented TOP inflation device for a powerful and safe inflation. Quick pedal operated inflation with gauge and fast inflating valve.

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

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